ABBACOL Foundation understands the importance of maintaining the following values to which it commits all its volunteers and workers. These are and form a fundamental part of all our projects:


The social value in each of our projects is our priority, always considering the recognition
that every person deserves, accepting moral, cultural and ethical principles of each


In all our projects our job will always be to act with sincerity, trust and mutual respect,
preserving justice and moral integrity.


The compassion and humanity that everyone deserves is a fundamental pillar of our
organization demonstrating excellence in our work through solidarity and service, leaving
an imprint on each individual.


We are committed to ensure with responsibility and formality the development of every
social work done, in order to see each day closer the achievement and fulfilment of our
objectives and goals.


Unconditional support is part of our work, joining efforts to respond to emergencies and
vulnerable situations that need our sustenance, protection and support.


Our organization is impartial with a mission and humanitarian approach, we have built
throughout all these years trustfulness and hope to see every day human dignity and its