ABBACOL Foundation was born in 2005 with the purpose of supporting vulnerable children in Colombia, by developing community projects with activities focused mainly on the contribution of education, culture and social inclusion, thus improving life quality for children.
The purpose of the Foundation was later extended to include the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, creating new educational projects through conferences, seminars and workshops, based on the development of creative self-sustaining businesses. This latest initiative will direct the vision and purpose of ABBACOL Foundation toward promotion and support of social projects in Colombia, thus addressing the vulnerability and needs of different regions, groups and communities in Colombia at a national level.

In 2019 ABBACOL Foundation was accredited to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), and in the same year was also endorsed by CAGI – centre d’Accueil de la Genève Internationale, canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

 In 2021 ABBACOL foundation was accredited as member of the International Humanitarian City (IHC) in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) – Dubai.

Abba Colombia works under the essential humanitarian norm

We are part of:  

We work with sustainable development goals

Our organization has a global vision, working nationally and internationally, focused on leaving a positive legacy in every project we develop. We transform lives and equip those who are a part of our Foundation with principles and values. The development of the Center for Leadership and Business Development ‘CLIDE’ will be our main focus, from where we will articulate all our social, humanitarian and business efforts, until we achieve our objectives as a Foundation.

Train and equip new generations to start self- sustainable business, to develop in areas like leadership, entrepreneurship, business, government, diplomacy, among others. These trainings take place with the support of our experts and volunteers. Our organization also focuses its mission on humanitarian and social work toward the most vulnerable communities in Colombia. Defending Human Rights  at its core, as well as training leaders in this new century, to generate positive changes that impact society.